There are many virtualizaton platforms out there however we decided after much experimentation with other platforms that offering Xen VPS Hosting Services was the way to go for providing a secure environment for our customers.

Here are some of the benefits:

One clear benefit of any virtualization platform is the fact that they are typically scalable in that you can upgrade and downgrade your resources (RAM, Disk, Network etc) without having to reinstall everything or without having to have serious downtime.


Guests VM’s have complete isolation from each other. No single VM has the ability to take down an entire node. Additionally access to each VM is restricted to having credentials to the VM. So even from our physical machines we are not able to access your data.


Xen is trusted by many Fortune 500 companies due to its history as a reliable platform. While we would like to say it is a set it up and forget it type of thing, unfortunately nothing in life is THAT simple. But for our end users, it is, so kudos to you!

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