All new installs are powered by pure SSD’s. Do not be confused by other providers of SSD VPS Hosting. Some hosts use a mixture of both HDD (hard disk drive) and SSD both, with SATA being the primary, and using the SSD’s purely for caching purposes. Our plans are powered 100% SSD drives – no platter/mechanical drives involved whatsoever.

What are the benefits of going with an SSD vs HDD?
SSD’s Are More Durable!

Solid state drives are non-mechanical – there are no moving parts to fail! SSD’s are like big flash drives relying on NAND Flash technology. They are also shock resistant up to 1500g/0.5ms. This is in comparsion to HDD’s which have many moving parts which makes them more vulnerable to shock and damage.

SSD’s Are More Reliable!

Because SSD’s do not have any moving parts, SSD’s are inherently more reliable. Moving parts increase the chances of a mechanical issue. Additionally because HDD’s use magnetic storage, they are susceptible to damage or data corruption when in close proximity to powerful magnets. SSD’s are not at risk.

SSD’s Are Faster!

SSDs can be over 100 times faster than HDD’s providing almost instantaneous data access. Retrieving data for HDD’s is faster based off how close the data is from theread/write heads, while compared to an SSD, all parts can be accessed at once.

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