Free and Enterprise DDoS Protection that helps to ensure uptime.

At Virpus, we understand how important uptime is for your server. For this reason, we provide DDoS Mitigation with all of our hosting services. Our DDoS Mitigation Filters are designed to constantly monitor network traffic and divert malicious traffic, while allowing good traffic to continue through.

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DDoS attacks are constantly on the rise - make sure you're protected!

  • Basic Protection - Free

    All Virpus services receive free entry-level DDOS protection to help protect against attacks via TCP, UDP, IP protocols, Invalid IP packets, ICMP types, Time To Live field, packets lengths, and more!

  • Enterprise DDoS Protection

    We offer a monthly DDoS protection service that uniquely offers three layers of detection and protection. The service is available to all of our virtual private server and bare metal cloud clients. For only $50 per IP Address, we protect you from attacks up to 20Gbps and 12M packets per second. To sign up, simply select "Enterprise DDos Protection" under the Addons section of your MyVirpus or contact a sales representative today.

Unmetered Incoming Bandwidth

Filtering of Common

Protection up to

Multiple Layers of

Heuristic (learning)

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