Store your data securely on our RAID10 SSD drives

The Virpus Backup Storage solutions provides a secure location for all your backup needs. Each Backup service resides on RAID 10 Solid State Drives!

Space Transfer In Transfer Out Server Speed Protocols RAID-10 Monthly Price
1 GB Unlimited 10 GB 10 Gbps FTP / SFTP $0.99 BUY NOW
5 GB Unlimited 50 GB 10 Gbps FTP / SFTP $1.99 BUY NOW
50 GB Unlimited 500 GB 10 Gbps FTP / SFTP $4.99 BUY NOW
100 GB Unlimited 1,000 GB 10 Gbps FTP / SFTP $9.99 BUY NOW
250 GB Unlimited 2,500 GB 10 Gbps FTP / SFTP $14.99 BUY NOW
500 GB Unlimited 5,000 GB 10 Gbps FTP / SFTP $29.99 BUY NOW
1,000 GB Unlimited 10,000 GB 10 Gbps FTP / SFTP $49.99 BUY NOW
2,000 GB Unlimited 25,000 GB 10 Gbps FTP / SFTP $74.99 BUY NOW
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Fast Deployment

Backup storage is instantly provisioned upon payment. You'll have your backup storage in minutes and you can start backing up immediately.

Blazing Fast Network

The Virpus backup Storage solutions are connected to 10Gbps ports to ensure blazing fast backups and restores.

Raid Protected Storage

Each backup system is built for high speed data protection. Raid-10 arrays provide maximum I/O for your backups ensuring fast and responsive services.

Instant Upgrades

Our backup solutions are fully scalable; more space can be added any time directly from within your MyVirpus.

File Types

All file types are supported on your backup storage. Enjoy full access to your storage with no limitations.

Cron Jobs

Looking to automate backup scripts? We provide access to cron jobs so that you can pull backups from your account.