Just looking for some ad hoc support?

Everyone needs a little help from time to time, the Virpus staff would be glad to help! Here's some examples of what we can do for you for as little as $4 per ticket!

Backup Configuration and Restoration

Scared about potential data loss? Let us set your server up on an automated and routine backup schedule.

Harden Server

Worried about malware or hackers? Let our team harden and secure your server for you.

Firewall Configuration

Looking to setup a solid firewall with some advanced rules? The Virpus team can help!

OS and Software Patches

Don't let your software become outdated - let us help you keep everything up-to-date!

Software Troubleshooting

Having some issues with a program on your server? Our highly trained support technicians would be glad to help!

DNS Server Troubleshooting

Having some difficulty with your DNS or other netowrk configurations? Not to worry, we're experts with both!

Prefer an all-inclusive server management plan? We offer full server managemenet as well!